Adobe Photoshop – Creating a Sci-Fi Cyborg

Learn Photo retouching skills and create awesome Sci-Fi images with this Adobe Photoshop Retouching Course

During this “Adobe Photoshop Course: Creating a Cyborg Retouching Course” we will look at loads of the features used within Photo retouching and a few others.

This course is packed full of features and you are sure to learn some great stuff along the way, after this course you should be ready to go it alone but remember you can always use this as a reference if you get stuck on your own projects!

Who the course for?
This course is for beginner level users of Photoshop

The Software
We will be using Adobe Photoshop CC but CS6 or above will do

The Techniques
I will cover everything you need to know in order to create this image

Course Extras
All Source Assets used in the course are supplied as a download

Key course points covered during this course

With this course you will learn Photo retouching skills and create awesome Sci-Fi images with this Adobe Photoshop course, lets look at a few things this course covers:

  • Frequency Seperations

    Being able to split the detail from the colour is a great thing lets do it!

  • Colour Curves

    Lets control the colour using curves adjustments

  • Adding Adjustment Layers

    Lets add some adjustment layers for full control

  • Layer Masking

    We will use layer masks to control our masking non-distructively

  • Blemish removal

    Lets smooth and remove blemishes from our image

  • Levels and Adjustments

    More adjustments for levels

  • Thinking Ahead

    Planning your projects and what you want to achieve is a great way to give yourself a clear direction or goal

  • Layers Styles

    Using layer styles can help you achieve the look you want quickly

  • Dont Destroy

    Trying to work non-distructively is always our goal

  • Retouching

    Lots of retouching techniques practiced in this course

  • Blending and grading images

    Lets learn Blending and Grading

  • Tips and Tricks

    Loads of tip and tricks along the way!


Learn to use Photoshop like a professional, with this action packed course.


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