Autodesk Maya for Beginners a Basic Course

Autodesk Maya for Beginners a Basic Course

This course: Autodesk Maya the Basics for Beginners is designed to make learning the art of 3D modelling easy, during this course you will learn all the major skills you need to make it possible for you to take more involved courses.

This course has been designed in modules meaning each lecture will show you a new skill, it is beneficial to push these skills on your own and realy see how you can use them.

The end result of this course will be that you will be able to take your learning to the next level taking what you know from this course and then moving onto more complex projects as you work your way from beginner to advanced!

What we Cover during this course!

This course is short and to the point, great for beginners with a mind for the information to really sink in!

  • A Look at Maya

    Navigation and a look at the Panels and Interface

  • Primitives in Maya

    Creating the basic building blocks for modelling and there options

  • Selection in Maya

    Component selections and modifications such as the extrude tool

  • Basic Rendering

    We will look at basic rendering and materials

  • Light and Shadow

    Lighting and rendering very basic

  • Tips and Tricks

    Lots of great beginner level tips!


Autodesk Maya for Beginners a Basic Course grounding you in the skills you need moving forwards...
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