Learn Illustrator – Creating stylised images using tracing

Course for creating a stylised images – Learn Illustrator
Quickly convert a photo to a vector using the trace tools in illustrator, in illustrator we have the ability to convert images using trace to give a vectored version.

In this very short course I will show you how to create stylised images using Illustrator, the course is about 30 mins long.

We will look how you can take any image and convert it within Illustrator to vectors and along the way create a stylised form of the original, lots of handy tips to optimise your graphic.

Course Key Points

At the end of this course you will easily be able to vector any image into a stylised graphis for use in all your design work.

  • Placing Images

    Placing an image in Illustrator

  • Clipping Paths

    Using clipping paths in Illustrator

  • Using the Trace Tool

    Learn how the trace tool works

  • A Few Uses

    Show a few uses for the trace tool

Course Goals

  • Placing images in Illustrator
  • Full understanding of the trace tool
Learn Illustrator Curriculum

  • Intro to the course
  • Using the trace tool
  • Finishing our logo
  • Recapping what we learnt
  • Recapping on the tools you learnt a quick Quiz
  • Bonus lesson converting Sketches
  • Bonus Lesson 2 Creating a clipping mask from a trace

Learn Illustrator – Creating stylised images using tracing

This little course will open your eyes to creating vector based artwork from images.


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