Learn ZBrush – Speed Lunch Crunches for Beginners to Pixelogics ZBrush

Learn to create amazing speed scultps in 30 minutes or less with ZBrush!

Lunch crunches is a term used by the studios, it is basically a way to expand and speed up your skills by not being bound by references only your imagination. Using Zbrush we will create a speed sculpt in 30 Minutes or less.

Well there is a few reasons, one being it speeds up your Zbrush skills, two you are not restricted by references, three it helps train your imagination and sparks new ideas and concepts.

Take this course and benefit from  unleashing your imagination

Course Structure

  1. This course is laid out in three parts for newbies to ZBrush I have included a quick start guide to ZBrush
  2. Part two we focus only on the tools we will use for creating speed sculpts this will give you a good foundation to create your own style, this part of the course we will create a sculpt from start to finish going slowely over each step.
  3. Final part of the course full steam ahead I will do a sculpt from start to finish in 23 minutes!

What are the requirements?

  • You will need Pixelogics ZBrush 4, because the tools and brushes are basic most versions should be fine

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Have an understanding of ZBrush
  • Be able to produce speed sculpt quickly
  • Get there ideas down fast

What is the target audience?

  • This course is for Beginners but intermediates to advanced might find it usefull

I hope you enjoy this course and it helps you move forwards, I feel this course is a great motivator for bigger projects!. A lot of people get swamped by the complexities of projects this course how ever get you creating from the get go!!


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