Life Vs Photoshop Course

Life Vs Photoshop is a course designed to create a fun way to learn Adobe Photoshop.

In this course Life Vs Photoshop we will look at many of the key tools you need to know to effectively work with Adobe Photoshop in a professional manner.


Inspired from a Twitter User called Life Vs Photoshop I thought this would be a really cool course that could serve a few different purposes, one to create amazing montages and also to learn the tools within Photoshop in a fun way.

This course Life Vs Photoshop will teach you key tools you need to work confidently within Photoshop, along the way you will gain an insight into how Photoshop can work for you rather than against you.

During this course I will build on your development gradually getting more technical, please note some techniques will be shown more than once however we will build in more advanced techniques as we go.
I will demonstrate to you how to merge/fuse images together within Photoshop to end up with a stunningly realistic image.

Along the way I will be showing you how to use the key tools within Photoshop.
This course is all about having fun, even though I will be supplying the images and all source files along with this course i recommend you sourcing your own and following along with the techniques, be individual be artistic be great!

Key Course Points

Here is an outline of the Life Vs Photoshop course features and key points.

  • Understand key concepts

    understand how Photoshop works

  • Confidence in Photoshop

    Confidently work with different image and resolution types

  • Create on your own

    At the end of the course you will be able to create your own hybrids!

  • Whats the clone tool

    How to use the clone tool properly

  • Selections

    Understand selection and feathering

  • Exporting

    Understand export option and what to use

This course is suitable for beginners of Photoshop
Any one wanting to learn how to speed up there workflow
Anyone interested in learning about actions and automation inside Photoshop.

What will students need to know or do before starting this course?
You will need Photoshop CS5 or above, I am using Photoshop CC in the course videos.
No prior knowledge of Photoshop is needed for this course

A look at the Life Vs Photoshop Curriculum

LECTURE 1: Intro
Course Summary
LECTURE 2: Introduction
Lets take a look at the images we will use during the course you can also download the files to follow along if you wish.
LECTURE 3: Our Source Images
Lets take a look at the folder structure and the images we will use for this project.
LECTURE 4: Opening our images
Lets start simply by showing you methods for opening images inside Photoshop.
LECTURE 5: Resolution dependent
Photoshop is all about resolutions, if you spend a huge amount of time on a project but have set the resolution wrong it can be a waste of time, follow this lesson and learn some tips and tricks.
LECTURE 6: Merging our images
Lets combine our images into one!
LECTURE 7: Selecting and feathering
In this lesson I will teach you how to use the selection tools in combination with the feathering options to create a great cut outs.
LECTURE 8: Transforming, Opacity and Saving
When using Photoshop there are some tools and techniques that are used over and over again, like the trnasform tool and Opacity sliders of course making sure you save your work is also essential too.
LECTURE 9: Using the eraser and sponge tools
OK we do need to do a little cleanup around the ears to do this we will use the eraser and select a good brush to use with this, we will also use the sponge tool to desaturate the green.
LECTURE 10: Cloning is fun!
Like I said in the title cloning is fun, its also a great way to quickly create mind blowing images without breaking a sweat.
LECTURE 11: Lets colour correct
In this lesson we will do a small ammount of colour correcting.
LECTURE 12: Output our image
Lets now output our image and save.
QUIZ: A little quiz to end the lesson.

Want a fun way to start learning Photoshop? Then Life vs Photoshop the course for you!

Easy to follow fun to learn


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