Make Logo design pay with illustrator in less than a day

Welcome to the illustrator logo design course – Creating a logo

Learn how to create stunning Logos with Illustrator, this course is set up for Beginners to Advanced users

In this course we will be covering all the tools and techniques to build a logo from scratch, from a simple sketch, colouring it up using photoshop and Illustrator.

This couse will be targetting beginners to Illustrator but advanced users might find it of help as well.

We will be showing you some basic tools within illustrator that we willl be using and then jumping straight into sketching, colouring and finally drawing it all out within illustrator.

Course Key Points

Lets have a quick look at some of what we will cover during this course!

As a BONUS I am including two more videos one on creating a logo variant and also a video on applying it to a coffee cup using photoshop!

  • Create Client Visuals

    The process of producing visuals for clients

  • Reference and Resources

    Resourcing and working with references

  • Quick Colour up

    Quick methods for colouring up a sketch

  • All the Tools

    All the tools you need to know for logo creation

  • Tips and Tricks

    Loads of tip and tricks for logo design

  • Two full projects

    In this course we will cover one project closely and also do a bonus course after

  • Learn to be confident in Illustrator
  • Have the ability to understand how to construct any design you can think of
  • Leran how the professional do it
SECTION 1: Setting the foundations

  • The clients brief
  • Getting in the mood – Reference

SECTION 2: Sketches and Mockups

  • Methods for creating our initial design for approval
  • Sketching our ideas with pencil and paper
  • Photoshop colouring our Sketches
  • Sketching and Colouring in Illustrator
  • Summary on Sketches and Mockups
  • Quick quiz on lessons learnt so far

SECTION 3: Illustrator designing our logo

  • Illustrator Basics
  • Work flow for our logo – I will tell you about the workflow for the Logo
  • Creating the Circles
  • Creating the Beans and leaves – these are the main company logo elements
  • Adding text to our Logo
  • Adding final details part 1 – Finishing off our Logo design in Illustrator
  • Adding final details part 2 – Finishing off our Logo design in Illustrator
  • Changing the Colour Mode and Setting up Pantone Colours
  • Special Effects in Illustrator
  • Let see how well you remember the course?

SECTION 4: Bonus Material

  • The Muffin version – Creating another version
  • Mocking up visuals from the Logo Design
  • End of course summary

Make Logo design pay with illustrator in less than a day

Learn top tips and tricks from an industry professional, in this full featured course


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