Make money create training for Camtasia for Udemy Courses

This course is specially set up to address uploading courses to Udemy, whilst screen capturing using Camtasia

Hope you enjoy this course on: Make money create training for Camtasia for Udemy Courses, I have created this course as I felt there was a real need for it, as an instructor creating hundreds of courses I have a real insight into what you need to do and how you should be doing it, I hope this course will help you and prevent the stumbling blocks many face.

One point that I have seen on many forums is the use of Handbrake in order to reduce the filesize, there is no question this DOES reduce the quality of your final upload!! you can reduce the quality directly inside Camtasia, I recommend keeping the quality as high as possible just get faster internet speed if you must it is important to keep your quality on final output.

Course Goals

What we will achieve during this course

  • What is Audacity

    Using Audacity to improve an Audio track if you need to

  • Pitfalls of sampling

    Looking at the impact of resolution when downsampling from a higher resolution

  • Splitting Audio

    Seperating audio from a screen capture for editing in Audacity

  • Capturing

    Create the best screen capture we can

  • Reducing Noise

    Set Noise reduction and levelling in Camtasia

  • Templating

    Create a template for a training series

Who the course for?

  • This course is designed for beginners
  • This course is a detailed look at how to make your training videos better with Camtasia
  • This course is suitable for all training levels, we start with the basics and build on those
Course Curriculum

  • How to stop Sss and Ttts in your video using a Pop or Sock filter
  • Taking a look at the impact of resolution on uploaded videos to Udemy – Part 1
  • Resolution Part 2 and Making Icons bigger on our desktop
  • Seeing the effect of bigger icons and a general review
  • Setting up in Camtasia
  • Looking at Pan and Zoom in Camtasia
  • Getting clearer Audio within Camtasia – Noise reductions and Levelling
  • Finishing our project and export from Camtasia

Bonus lessons

  • Intro to bonus section
  • Using an existing project as a template in Camtasia
  • Splitting Audio from Video in Camtasia – Part 1
  • Splitting Audio from Video in Camtasia – Part 2
  • Using Audacity to improve Audio from Camtasia – Part 1 – Noise reduction
  • Using Audacity to improve Audio from Camtasia – Part 2 – Finishing and export
  • Combining the Audio from Audacity into a Camtasia project
  • Good bye
  • Overview of Camtasia 8
What will students need to know or do before starting this course?

  • An ambition to improve you screen captures for Udemy
  • For this course we will use Camtasia Studio 6, however you can do all this in version 8 as well
  • Although this course is not for the free version (CAMSTUDIO) there are lots of similarities

Make money create training for Camtasia for Udemy Courses

Learn professional tips and tricks to deliver your content quickly and blow your students away!


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