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The trouble with online courses these days

How to create amazing online training courses, its simple listen to the Students

Welcome to my blog, today I want to talk about Online courses and The trouble with online courses these days what I have found through many years of watching and creating them.

The trouble with online courses these days is that the instructor never thinks too much about the student, he merrily goes on his way recording the course without stopping and thinking “Hey if I was a beginner would this make sense!”.

A case in example I am creating an online course for Photoshop so of course I do my research like any good teacher should identifying hurdles my students could possibly face. And there it is the problem, how many times have you worked from an online course or book and almost got into a “done that do this done” state of mind??
Only two months after when your trying to do the same thing you cant remember it, sound familiar!

Ok so what was the problem, here it is the magic answer I think sums up a majority of courses online and in books…

“They show you how to do it but don’t show you why you are doing it!”

Sounds simple right, go ahead watch a few videos on line see what I mean, a case in example especially with creative software packages like I teach is “your making some level adjustments in Photoshop on an image, basically colour correcting, the instructor says move the R channel slider to +2 move the Green channel to -3 ect Or go to filters apply a colour dodge to that layer above the other layer!!

So we have two problems here:

1: the instructor is making you make these adjustments to an image he has supplied to get the same result as him! “What so your only ever going to be working on that image!” for a different image the adjustments will be different again.

2: so this brings us on to point 2 if we don’t know why we are doing it how will we remember and know what the point of it is!

COURSES I HAVE DONE THAT RESPOPNDS TO THESE CHALLENGES – The trouble with online courses these days

Photoshop Course

Watch a  course I did on Photoshop its ok its FREE www.tinyurl.com/z47uspr and let me know what you think I pride myself on trying to make every step crystal clear and even follow up if messaged.

3D Modelling Course

FREE Maya Modelling & Rendering Course  Learn how to design and Model an iconic chair like a Pro in Autodesk Maya – www.tinyurl.com/jp5mt8v

The trouble with online courses these days @ukonlionetrainer folow me or register to keep up to date

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