ZBrush and Maya Workflow – Fire Ant

ZBrush and Maya Rigging Pipeline Course – The Fire Ant!

This course is not a training course as such it is a walk through of processes used to create a model in ZBrush and them import and rig it in Maya, this course will be particilary usefull for people trying to understand the work flows used for animating in 3D and how with the use of Maps be able to again uderstand there use.

“It is often the case that people take loads of tutorials and never really know how it all works together this will help shed light on this, as far as animating and rendering goes”

Being able to access this information quickly and in this relatively shout informational video we cover quite a lot.

Some of what we look at?

  1. Base meshes in Maya
  2. Scultping levels in ZBrush
  3. Polypainting and out putting maps
  4. Creating Materials in Maya
  5. Connecting maps to out model
  6. How rigging is done How to animate

What are the requirements?

  • As this is instructional you would not necesarily need the software, however it would be good to have a Maya and ZBrush

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Main goal of this course is to show you how the pipeline of Maya and ZBrush works together
  • Gain insightful knowledge of lots of the tools in Zbrush and Maya
  • Learn how to rig a simple insect leg

What is the target audience?

  • This course is great for all levels I am sure even advanced users will find this interesting specially if they have not used ZBrush before

For me as an instructor this course is great as a foundational course for my other training videos, and as it is instructional I have made the price reflect this being AFFORDABLE!

“I really hope you enjoy this and it unleashes your full potential”