ZBrush for Beginners to Advanced create a Micro Organism

Welcome to this ZBrush for Beginners to Advanced course on creating a micro organism

Learn to use Zbrush properly in this fantastic Zbrush Scultping course and Create a Micro Organism Explore your Potential.

Explore this Online Zbrush for Beginners to Advanced course


  • During this course we will look at a ton of different techniques and tools for producing this fantastic micro organism in Zbrush, so if you want to be a ZBrush wizard this is the course for you, we will be looking at the main tools used every day in Zbrush.


  • Have you done courses where the trainer goes on and on and never gets to the point I bet you have well your in for a treat with this course, so get stuck in and learn ZBrush with my no nonscence get to the point course!.


  • Anyone who want to get up to speed quick
  • Anyone interested in ZBrush
  • Anyone who want to explore the potential of ZBrush
  • Anyone who loves my courses! (OK sorry a bit of a brag!! )
  • Anyone whos seen the promotional video and thinks “Hey that’s Cool”


  • This course is structured to maximise your learning curve, often going over the same techniques to make the STICK, it is important that you have FUN whilst completing this course!


  • And remember any questions or if you get stuck at all please, please message me, and I will get your back on track.

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