ZBrush Online Training - Creating Book Jacket Art

ZBrush Online Training – Creating Book Jacket Art

Want to Learn ZBrush?…
Then take this course its feature rich with content!

If your new to Zbrush your in for a treat this amazing program has made it possible for a new generation of artist to be born without all the restrictions placed on tradiditinal 3D aplication this software provides a quick way to get your ideas down fast, do not get me wrong it is also very powerful and complex but also simple as well!

During this course I will show you how to create amazing cover art, during this ZBrush course we will cover the whole process of modelling/sculpting and texturing to final render, if you want to know the complete pipeline within Zbrush then this will be the course for you, see below on some of the main things we will cover.

I really enjoyed creating this course I hope you find it useful on your journey to become the ultimate ZBrush Artist!

Key Course Points

  • Reference and Templates

    Reference and creation of templates

  • Zbrush Modelling and Set up

    We will look at modelling and setting up Zbrush

  • Many Top Tips and Tricks

    Handy tips and tricks like setting up custom views and setting doc size

  • Lighting, Rendering and Passes

    Lighting and render settings including setting up new passes

  • Photoshop Skills

    Compositing techniques in Photoshop

  • Creating masks
  • Using spotlight to texture
  • Mesh extractions and projecting details
  • Getting good topology using ZRemesher
  • Working with simple object and setting parameters
  • What are ZSpheres
  • Adding surface detailing
  • Using masks effectively
  • Polygrouping and being able to work with multple groups in the same subtool
  • Setting up your lighting and render settings
  • Outputting renders and setting document size and custom views
  • Compositing your renders in Photoshop
  • And much more…

ZBrush Online Training - Creating Book Jacket Art

This course will show you how I created the Cover of the "WORLD BOOK" a story of mystical adventure! take this Zbrush Course.

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