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Zenler versus Udemy

So what’s best? Udemy versus Zenler?

A detailed review by a user of both Udemy and Zenler platforms

Detailed below are pros and cons for using either Udemy or Zenler, as of 14/03/2016.

Lets first do a quick summary of both platforms, what they are used for and services they offer:

UDEMY: This course creation platform has been around for a while and is making millions from its instructors, the instructors can put courses together on any subject they like as long as it does not break Udemy terms and conditions, the instructor can then set up pricing for the course.
Udemy does a lot of the heavy lifting and marketing for you allowing you to watch the revenue pour in, they take quite a large cut of your profits and so do the affiliates. You have the ability to get a larger share of the profit by marketing yourself and setting up coupons.
Udemy also will review your course before they share it to their marketplace.

ZENLER: This course creation platform is relatively new but has all the features of Udemy plus more, the only main difference is you are not reviewed and they give you more control, but you must do all the marketing yourself then again you get greater profits from your courses!

Features list


  • Self-hosted system
  • Udemy Markets aggressively
  • You can create Coupons to try to get more revenues
  • You can make a certain number of announcements per course
  • You can amend or add to a course
  • You can change the pricing of a course
  • You can offer a course from FREE
  • The support desk is quite good
  • Udemy allows upload of HD videos
  • Udemy will review any courses that are paid for to appear on their marketplace
  • Udemy has proven itself over the last few years


  • Self-hosted system
  • You can create Coupons
  • You can contact your students directly
  • You can amend or add to a course
  • You can change the pricing of a course
  • You can offer a course from FREE
  • The developer is excellent and responds very quickly
  • Zenler allows upload of HD videos
  • No review process meaning you can start marketing immediately
  • Zenler offers lots of additional features
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So now we have had a quick overview of the features lets get into details of the pro and cons of both platforms.


  • Easy to use system
  • Supports HD
  • On time payments
  • They market for you (this is the main feature of the site really)
  • Student analysis
  • You can make a certain amount of announcements to try to reach students (four a month)


  • Easy to use system
  • Supports HD
  • On time payments
  • Amazing support (I mean it they bend over backwards for you)
  • Drip lesson can be added to slowly release lessons to students
  • Webinar support
  • Marketing and promotion tools (so you have all you need to self-market)
  • Funnel and landing pages
  • Customise your school
  • Add domain or subdomain
  • Importers for Udemy courses
  • Student analysis
  • Mail chimp integration
  • Your own affiliate program
  • More revenue through your own affiliate and marketing
  • You can directly contact students


  • Udemy review your site and are inconsistent with approvals
  • Udemy can change the pricing structure without you say
  • Udemy take a large percentage of sales
  • No control as to affiliate percentages
  • Student reviews inconsistent
  • No way to directly contact the student and give then email or links


  • You have to market yourself, how ever lots of tutorials and support

My Veiws

In my honest opinion having no control over the pricing is a big problem, Udemy recently announced that in Aprill 2016 courses could only be between $20 – $45 per course! even if I have a course which took three months to do which I had at £75 which is reasonable, now this will be re-priced and I cannot do anything about it or else I break Udemy policies!

Zenler understands that it’s all good having a platform to host course, but a different thing to be able to market it. So our main focus is to give the users all the sales funnels including opt-in funnels, webinar funnels etc. Everything that is needed to put a school on a marketing autopilot, i.e our focus will be on self-service marketing.

Zenler for me is now my main focus and self-promotion, please note all views on this post are my personal opinions and do in no way reflect the views of either Zenler or Udemy.

Please send me your feedback on this subject at david@dnewton.net

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